We provide clipping path services with exemplary quality and seamless editing. Our dedicated professional team provides top quality cut-out of images keeping minimal turnaround time, and of course, within your tight budget. We know that there is numerous online software or tools which provide clipping path facility but clipping path through Photoshop software is a widely use and most famous application. In order to have seamless clipping path process the Photoshop pen tool provide the best quality.

In this digital arena, thousands of companies or individual contractors provides clipping path services to their clients. Mostly those who are involved in photography, art and design, online advertising and even in printing industries. For instance, an online clothing company usually use thousands of images in their web store and they always remove the background of their products images to make it more lucrative and fit them into the white background. Similarly, a product photography company needs to provide finished images of the product to their client where they must need clipping path or drop out the background. This is where SkyTech Icon comes into action and working with individual photographers, graphic design houses, catalog company, photo studios, newspaper, web developers, magazine companies, advertising agency, printing press and many more

In this modern world, getting lucrative and flawless images is not too tough. But it is important to choose the right partner for image editing. To have professional image editing SkyTech Icon is here to server you. We have great team of designing experts who knows how to use Photoshop tools to create flawless clipping paths.


Image retouching sounds very simple in words which means fixing up the errors in the appearance of an image. Clicking through even the best photography cameras sometimes have minor issues like poor lighting or stray strangers in the background, or an excessively prominent mark or zit on the body or face of the model. Our Image retouching services are performed by creative and top level designers who know how to creatively cover up the flaws in an image.

We can change the whole concept or outlook of an original images by using image retouching techniques in Photoshop. Regardless of the alterations that you need on the image, SkyTech Icon can bring you most spontaneous and quality driven results, deeply pervade in perfection. We are specialize in perking-up the color of image, improvising the tone of the image, adding new elements to the picture, adjust tone, adjust white balance, adjust contrast, adjust exposure, adjust chromatic aberration, and anything that is needed to improved the quality of an image. You just need to let us know the specification of the job and leave the rest on SkyTech Icon. Tasks at SkyTech Icon are assigned to the designated team of specialists one at a time, in order to remove any possibility of imperfection in the results generated by us.

Image MaskingP22-cover-12sept-MASK


SkyTech Icon provides neck joint services for mannequin removal, ghost mannequin by using expert designers in graphic design. We provide Neck Joint services to the chain branded stores, online wholesalers, manufacturers, online retailers, product photography companies and many more.

There are two major types of Neck Joint services:


SkyTech Icon offers ghost mannequin service which effectively shows clothing without any bulge, flaws, or parts of the model or mannequin. Our professional ghost mannequin services ensure that only your product shows to its full enhancement potential to grab and maintain consumer attraction to it..


Our invisible mannequin services ensure your images edited and displayed in perfection using Photoshop tools. To have the best presentation for your images to display we offer, wide and comprehensive range of mannequin services.

SkyTech Icon offers Photo Manipulation services to some of the business ventures such as Journalism Media, Glamour Industry, E-Commerce Industry, Magazine catalogs, Advertising Agencies, etc. We create great images that are hard to miss by any viewer.


SkyTech Icon provides color correction services which involves editing image color or make a combination of the color of the image with its background. We offer color correction, color balance and retouching techniques that changes the face of the photo. Our expert designers can spot the areas within a blink of an eye where colors are not well placed. Our expert designers find out which colors are dominating the image and after figuring out those colors, they take the right steps to tone the dominating colors from the image.

Color correction services has many potential uses. However, the most common example is that the Branded online stores needs to display a product with various color combinations. For Instance, a T-Shirt with different colors is necessary to be displayed for the customers to find out which would fit them the best.

During a photo session a model doesn't need to wear every color costumes; this would make the session lengthy, expensive and tiring. A model can wear a red T-Shirt which could be recolored using our color correction services for other color combination such as Green, Blue, Purple etc. Color Correction service is much more easy and profitable compared to hiring a model and dressing them in every available color of clothing. Thus, it saves money and time without compromising the benefit of consumers.

The professionals and experts here at SkyTech Icon uses latest applications and techniques like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, etc. Give us your color correction images and see the magic in minutes.



Image masking enables the user to hide and reveal certain parts of an image which can be done through our expert designers. In image masking process, the unwanted elements of the photos are hidden and not demolished by editing. If you want you can tweak and reveal the masked areas whenever you wanted if required. We are a team of dedicated designers and image editors who are experts in using all the tools of Photoshop. As a part of providing high-quality image editing services, Image masking our to area of specialization.

Image masking has become a priority process to edit complex images, especially for product catalogs, brochures, calendars, poster, magazines, photographs used for almost all types of E-commerce businesses. Image Masking is very time-consuming and eye-straining process which needs constant attention of the professional to bring top results. Our designers have the ability and vast knowledge to achieve the best output. We make sure to manipulate your product images in such a way that a customer can have the actual look and feel of the product through its image.

If you are looking for the most dependable image masking services, don't look any further, SkyTech Icon is here to solve your problem. We are bringing revolution into the designing industry by our exemplary service. To bring best possible result for any image type, it is very important to grab the context where it is to be used. Clients invest in our services due to our sheer potential specialty and the willingness to undertake any complex chore of image editing.


Image Drop shadow is very important in digital product images for an special and authentic look. Drop Shadow is an easy task but when it comes to reform it into something more authentic looks, the difference is huge. When it comes to make the shadow looks professional and great yet there are countless factors that should be taken in consideration while creating shadow such as size of the object, most suitable color, creation of multiple shadows, contrast between the object and its background, direction of light and many more. Therefore, team SkyTech Icon put forward most realistic and artistic top solution to these complexity of images.

There are three major types of shadow services:


The natural shadow, like the term which says, give me a natural look. Take the right image as an example where the objects are showing with a natural shadow.


Reflection shadow is a shadow which shows the mirror reflection of the product, widely known as mirror effect. It portrays the image as if it is placed on a mirror/glass surface reflecting all or the part of the image.


Drop shadow is a shadow which is created artificially which should be always under the product. The drop shadow is most widely used in E-commerce for a more authentic look of products or images

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